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Gamer Gazette is an online gaming and esports news website for Indian Gamers

Gamer Gazette is the best Indian Gamer news website in 2020. Gamer Gazette provides the latest updates on Esports around the world along with Indian Esports for Indians. Gamer Gazette website covers PubG Mobile Esports, League of Legends sports, Csgo, Dota 2 and more competitive gaming titles. We also feature top 10 list for many categories like, top 10 Indian gamers, top 10 Indian streamers, top 10 League of Legends players and more.
Gamer Gazette also reaches out to CEOs and will ask the questions fans have wanted to ask for ages! Gamer Gazette is run by dedicated gaming and sports journalists who offer wide range of gamer news from game reviews to sports player interviews. It was started to bridge the gap between western sports to Indian sports fans across the country.
This is the “founder” Rahul BS (Yes I’m missing a Gamertag middle name because it was "Sktt1fakerrrrrr" for the most part but I promise to decide to one soon), I hope we as viewers and journalist of the gaming world embark on this new and wonderful journey I have come to call Gamer Gazette and I am excited to experience with you the fans of gaming and esports, the rich culture and heritage of gaming and esports we all love and involve ourselves in.

Quick forward to 2020, here I am, at last chose to begin Gamer Gazette as an Indian Gamer who wanted to bring the western esports to indian gamers and indian sports, which has a quite intriguing historical background or so I might want to think, however I'll allow you to choose. It depended on Hicky's Bengal Gazette, the main English printed paper in Asia. As I was considering a name for my editorial undertaking, something in me needed Gazette for news since we should be genuine, I wouldn't have the option to rank for "Times" or "Messenger" or "Narrative" and I likewise expected to have the center of my industry in the name i.e Gaming/Gamer and by chance what lead me to settle with Gamer Gazette because its abbreviation, it is GG or Good Game or when you state it with EZ turns out to be additionally deigning yet lets advantageously disregard that and center around the positive GG. It was splendid or so I thought in my mind figuring I can include GGWP or GG toward the finish of a long and bulky article similarly as the one you are STILL perusing, damn you are constant. GG (Hah, Goteem!)

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