Each quadrant helps the team in delivering quality features to the customers

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Agile Test Quadrant IV

Quadrant-4 tests are "Technology Facing Tests that critiques the Product." These tests used to critique the product characteristics and not functionality. These tests are tools intensive and need expertise on the tools to test. The majority of the time, the non-functional requirements are not called out and are expected by the developers to cover them as part of their developmental activities. Some of the non-functional requirement is more important than the actual functionality. Take the example of an e-commerce website. How many of you are ready to wait until the pages load up every time you search for a product? Response time is more critical to the product like those. Some of the non-functional tests are Performance, Load, Stress, Security, etc.

Automation is very much mandatory for performance and load testing activities. These tests are too necessary and should not be ignored or kept last always. Either these tests should be completed along with the functional tests or even before them.

For the majority of the products, we need all categories of testing discussed under the four quadrants. Not every feature needs non-functional testing like performance, stress, security, etc. but it should not be omitted just because the team could not think of test cases for it. The technology-facing and the business-facing tests are core for any Agile Development. By identifying the tasks needed to perform the technology and business-facing tests that critique the product, one can understand what the product is missing. Each quadrant helps the team in delivering quality features to the customers.

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